My First Ten Years of Photography

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Larry I'anson Photography

Since my first serious adventure with a camera in 2008, I've had a ball. Many field workshops and classroom sessions have aided me in not only honing my skills  but also in enjoying capturing light. I've been fortunate to travel to some amazing places and view wonderful landscapes; I've also found equally fascinating scenes close to home. As a serious amateur photographer, I still have lots to learn, experience to gain, and places to visit.

I use a Canon 5D MK IV Canon and 7D Mk II. My lenses include the following Canon lenses: 16-35mm f2.8, 24-105mm f4.0, 100mm f2.8 macro, 70-200mm f2.8,100-400mm f4.0 and 24mm f2.8 tilt-shift. I normally shoot in manual and in raw. I recently added a mirrorless camera to my bag.  I used the Fujifilm  XT-1 for my France and Belgium pictures in 2016 and a new XT-2 in Oregon in 2017.  I really enjoy using and carrying a light weight camera and lenses.