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Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses


In November or 2021, I joined a workshop focusing on infrared photography that also included the opportunity to capture color as well.  The workshop was led by Tony Sweet and Susan Milestone. It was my first plunge into the realm of IR photography. They are both extremely knowledgeable about IR and eager to share and help others. In addition to hours each day in the field, we spent time each day presenting our work and getting feedback on our post processing  and composition.  These sessions were recorded, and we received  video copies for our future use. It was a great way for me to get a start in this medium.


In October of 2021, I struck out on my own to chase fall colors in Vermont. Following the applicable sections of "Autumn in New England" from Photograph America Newsletter, and getting suggestions from local residents such as Maylo Baker, I had a wonderful time. I hope that you agree that it was also a successful one.


My final venture in 2021 was to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. I attended a workshop led by John Gerlach and Dixie Calderone. It was my first trip to this amazing area and I saw my first moose! We had hoped to have more snow on the ground as well as falling, but were happy to have sun for our landscape compositions. The fox and the bird were bonuses that some of us were lucky to see.  We had seen the fox previously to taking the picture, but it was too dark to get decent pictures.  Four of us returned to where we'd seen it in hopes that it would appear.  It did and so did the bird. No, we did not feed the fox.

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